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Ointment preparation mixer of a big success at pharmacies!
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Country: Japan
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Exhibited Products / Technologies
Ointment preparation mixer NR-50
NR-50 is a long-selling product.
It is suitable for preparing small amount of ointment preparation.
Ointment preparation mixer NRE-120
NRE-120 has a multi-adapter and free-balance system.
It is a mixer that corresponds to 90% ointment container on the market.Because this mixer is compact design, it is not troubled at the place.
Ointment preparation mixer NRE-250
In addition to a multi-adapter and free balance system, NRE-250 has an impact sensor and a rotation speed detection sensor.
We made it possible to improve quality and increase efficiency.
Ointment preparation mixer NR-500
NR-500 is ideal for pharmacies and hospitals that accept large volumes of ointment prescriptions.
This mixer corresponds to prefabrication up to 500g and ointment container 10 to 100g.